Philip Zoubek – piano
Benjamin Weidekamp – clarinet
Christian Weber – bass

The formation Z3 was born from the idea to follow the music of the Jimmy Guiffre Trio of the 60s. On the one hand, the exemplary synthesis of composition and improvisation was an important starting point, on the other hand, keeping the instrumentation bass/piano/clarinet allows us an amazingly wide range of sound colors. For us, however, a contemporary adaptation of this music and the associated playing style does not mean falling back on the original compositions, but rather – based on the wealth of experience of the three improvisers – composing new pieces especially for this formation. And to include new music as well as jazz. Ultimately, however, the defining characteristic of the music is the multi-layered and fluid communication between the musicians, which enables chamber music compositions and improvisations based on a common language.

[…] With “Pale Fire” Philip Zoubek, Benjamin Weidekamp and Christian Weber have not “just” succeeded in creating a very charming homage, but simply an extraordinary album full of skeptical poetry.

Julia Neupert, SWR2

Album “Pale fire” – listen here and more info