New Album: Labyrinthus

Philip Zoubek, David Helm, and Dominik Mahnig continue to push the boundaries of their craft on their third album, showcasing their inquisitive and exploratory approach to playing. This traditional format remains lively and forward-thinking as the trio masterfully blends genre worlds and brings them to life in a truly wondrous way.

Video: Philip Zoubek Trio feat. Jozef Dumoulin

In this video, the Philip Zoubek Trio present their alter ego "Placebo Domingo", an electronic variant of the trio. Recorded in the fall of 2021 with Belgian pianist Jozef Dumoulin.

Philip Zoubek Trio – New Album: Nonplaces

An unusual approach to the common format of the piano trio. The musicians understand the traditional form as a challenge. With extreme dynamics, fresh turns, concise precision and immense joy of playing, they stride out ever-shifting frames with pinpoint accuracy.