Nils Ostendorf, Philip Zoubek, Philippe Lauzier: subsurface
schraum 11, 2010

Nils Ostendorf: Trumpet
Philip Zoubek: Prepared piano
Philippe Lauzier: bass clarinet, alto saxophone

This trio plays some great lush improvised music with beautiful ringing overtones. Excellent.
Vital Weekly (Netherlands)

With subsurface the Berlin label schraum presents another melodious German-Canadian cooperation. The eleventh schraum CD documents the first meeting of Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Philippe Lauzier (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) and Philip Zoubek (prepared piano).

The three musicians from Berlin, Cologne and Montreal play with the physicality of their instruments, using them as generators of sounds and tones. Advanced playing techniques, awareness of resonances and overtones, allow their instruments to merge into an organic sound that pulsates, builds into a polyphonic mesh, only to freeze in a beat the next moment. The intuitive handling of density and dynamics, combined with the conscious use of silence and duration, as well as the clash of individual playing styles result in a tension-filled, unheard-of music.