Franz Hautzinger – trumpet
Philip Zoubek –
prepared piano, synthesizer
Ignaz Schick –
Tony Buck
– drums

Thinking outside the box – pianist and synthesizer player Philip Zoubek, trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, electronics and sound artist Ignaz Schick, and drummer and percussionist Tony Buck are international luminaries of free playing. They are musicians who know about the tradition of jazz, which they live and carry on. Even in seemingly foreign realms. In many ramifications. Being rooted? Yes. Bind yourself slavishly to them? No way. Instead: Form rhizomes, these further branching. Keep your ears open. Get inspired.

This is the path that the four, each in his own way, have been treading for years. And so in the discography of each of them you can also find quite different music. From jazz to energetic free jazz, strongly conceptual projects to reduced noise. This common background also unites them into a strong position in the world of improvised music.”

In May 2022 the quartet released the album “The Loft Sessions”.
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